The Goal of the UNC CFAR Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry (CPAC) Core is to Provide Comprehensive Study Design, Bioanalytical, and Data Analyses Support to Animal and Human Clinical Pharmacology Investigations in the HIV/AIDS arena.

CPAC Laboratory Aims:

  1. Provide Leadership to the HIV/AIDS Research Effort In Comprehensive Clinical Pharmacology Research Methods and Bioanalytical Chemistry Methods Development.
  2. Provide Access to Antiretroviral Drug Assays in a Variety of Biological Matrices Including Blood Plasma, Genital Tract Secretions, Breast Milk, and Cerebral Spinal Fluid.
  3. Provide Access to Drug Assays in the Treatment of Opportunistic Infections and Other Complications of HIV Treatment.
  4. Develop Novel Assays On-Demand For CFAR Members As Required to Support Grant Initiatives.
  5. Provide Training Opportunities To CFAR and International Investigators.

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